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Outsourcing for Companies of Every Size

Information Technology (IT) and Finance & Accounting (F&A) outsourcing has been a mainstream option for large companies since the 1970's. Over the last two decades, companies of every size from startups to Fortune 500 companies have rushed to adopt an Outsourcing strategy due to its significant, proven benefits. However up until this point for smaller deployments the cost of project management often exceeded the savings. Nextshore has revolutionized the model to now make these same benefits availble to small and medium sized businesses. Nextshore has developed a unique combination of on line tools with best engagement practices to drastically reduce project management costs. Nextshore delivers dramatic savings to our customers whether it be a single one time project or extended staffing. Companies who adopt an Outsourcing for IT and F&A can achieve the following:

    * Cost Savings: Save 50-60% in FTE costs over locally-available resources via offshore model
    * Process Standardization: Outsource process definition and streamlining using resources armed with best practices
    * Labor Flexibility: Add or subtract resources quickly as your business requirements change
    * Greater Control: Monitor functions via standardized processes and improved reporting
    * Improved Decision Making: Drive your business using improved analytics and decision support tools

Startups and small-sized companies realize lower labor costs, workforce flexibility, and superior resources through outsourcing, which can directly impact their bottom line, fuel greater growth, or open new business opportunities through globalization. Mid- and large-sized companies reap the same benefits and outcomes, but on a much larger scale. They can also gain unique competitive advantages such as greater operational efficiency, improved investment decision making, and more.

Offshoring: Maximizing Outsourcing Value

While utilizing U.S.-based, outsourced resources can provide value to a company, going offshore to find IT/F&A talent has become a required element for any successful outsourcing strategy. This is a result of several issues today:

    * Salaries for IT and Accounting Professionals has risen over 40% in the last several years
    * Just look at today H1B VISA applications, tens of thousands are extended and filled within seconds of release. A shortage of good IT/F&A talent that is expected to last for the
       next 10-15 years, thereby further driving up costs
    * Attrition rates as high as 20% in the IT field

Utilizing talent from countries such as India not only yields the same benefits as outsourcing within the U.S., but also leads to an unrivaled cost advantage.

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