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Technology Portfolio

There was a time just a few years ago where the Information Technology was "strategic" and keeping it in house was part of the Enterprise's value.  Not anymore.  Like it or not the building blocks of yesterday are the commodity of today.  There is simply no good reason why an organization should not off load many of the fundamental tasks to free up resources to focus on what is important--your customers.  Let Nextshore handle these tasks for you.  

Google Play Android Developer
Apple iOS Developer
Web Progaming
Do you really need HTML progamers on staff?  Let your Webmaster create the vision--we'll code it out in record time at a fraction of the price.  Here are just some of our Core Competencies.
Application Development
Need to tap that database, or create custom reports?  Or perhaps you want to link to legacy systems or put a new face on an old one.  We have experienced develops that can get the job done.
Mobile's Hot!
There is no escaping it--mobile is in.  Does that mean you now have hire another team to tackle this new and ever changing technology?  We have been doing mobile development for years--take advatnage of our experience. Don't go down the "app" road--call us instead. Please visit our mobile solutions website at MobileKlik for complete details.
Open Source Support
The days of proprietary software are over.  The new business model is services build around open source software.  Our team has decades of experience on all the major open source platforms and has help clients all over the globe take advantage of the cost savings.  We can help you migrate from the confines of locked down proprietary world to golden age of open source.  Here are the most popular packages.
System Administration
Let our certified system administators perform routine tasks like system monitoring, backups, operating system patches, and application updates.  Free up your technologiest so they can spend their time on improving business processes, implementing best practices and improving customer support.  Our System Administrators are Microsoft Certified Professionals as well as Red Hat Certified Engineers.  Nextshore is a Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist.
Today's on-line systems are exposed to thousands of attacks not per month, or per day but every hour.  It is a full time job making sure your are secure.  One mistake can cost millions of dollars even jepordize the existance of the business.  Our security team can perform the most intense white-hat security audits and not only show you your vunrablities, but fix them too.  Can you really afford to wait to get hacked?  It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.  Additionally, Nextshore highly recommends Smoothwall Security solutions, Certified Bronze Partner we can provide sales and consulting across the Smoothwall product line to meet your needs.
Not find what you are looking for above?  Nextshore's global team can help you meet your technology goals. We operate on 3 continents and speak 7 languages: English, German, Danish, French, Mandrine, Hindi and Tamil.  We can proivide the local touch that you need.