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Then Nextshore Advantage -- A Breed Apart in Outsourcing For Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Since its inception, Nextshore has stood out as a premier provider of outsourced Information Technology and Accounting/Finance. In addition to the significant cost advantages available to U.S. companies that outsource especially from an offshore service provider, Nextshore also offers three other unique advantages to its clients including:

When it comes to its People, Nextshore retains staff with the following characteristics:

    * Top-tier IT/F&A talent in India with strong English skills
    * Over 50% with post-graduate, or advanced technical certifications
    * Deep industry and international experience
    * Commitment to continuous education

The result is one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry.

In addition to providing the best IT consultants and accountants available, Nextshore also brings established Best Practices to every Nextshore client. To this end, Nextshore staff:

    * Document every aspect of the client's systems and or finance, accounting, and operations functions
    * Recommend areas for improvement and implement required changes
    * Cross-train other Nextshore employees
    * Engage in cross-cultural training

Finally, Nextshore provides the most flexible Engagement Models so that U.S. companies can:

    * Start with one time fixed price project
    * Deploy one or two dedicated Nextshore resources or
    * Opt to outsource whole functional areas

Once engaged with Nextshore, clients can reduce the number of Nextshore staff members or cancel the entire engagement at any time with our "No Contract" guarantee!

Success in outsourcing clearly relies on more than just cost savings. It relies on the right people with the right expertise engaged with clients in the most flexible terms available. Nextshore understand this and combines all these elements into every one of its service offerings.